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Perfect Half-Square & Quarter Square Triangles Ruler

For Half-Square Triangle Blocks:
1. Cut fabric to desired size squares. A fabric square ending in 7/8” will yield a squared block ending in 1/2”. For example, cut fabric in 3-7/8” squares to achieve
a 3-1/2” squared block.

2. Layer two squares of fabric right sides together.

3. Begin by using the left side of your ruler for marking. Position solid line so it goes
from corner to corner of your layered squares. Using a fabric marking pen, mark stitching lines using the two slots on either side of the solid line.

4. Sew squares together on the marked stitching lines.

5. Now work off the right side of your ruler for cutting. Center stitched square under the ruler so that the dotted lines on the ruler line up with stitched lines on square. The cutting slot should be centered corner to corner. Using a rotary cutter, cut in cutting slot.

6. Press seam toward the darker fabric and press top of block.

7. Lastly, work in the center section of the ruler. Align the block seam with the 45° ruler markings. Center the block top and bottom and side to side with horizontal lines and cutting slots. Cut in appropriate vertical cutting slot.


For Quarter-Square Triangle Blocks:
Follow instructions for creating half-square triangles.
Note: Quarter-square triangle blocks will square one inch smaller than the half-square triangle blocks. For example: If you begin with 4-1/2” half-square triangle blocks, your completed quarter-square triangle block will square up at 3-1/2”.

Layer two half-square triangles, right sides together. Take note of the fabric positions that fabric colors will appear as desired when finished.

Follow steps 3 through 8 for Half-Square Triangle Blocks to complete your
Quarter-Square Triangle blocks.