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Charming Circles Pillow

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Charming Circles Tote

Please read all instructions before beginning.

June Tailor® Charming Circles Ruler
1 yd Denim or equivalent in used denim jeans
2/3 yds assorted fabrics for 5” squares or 27 precut 5” charm squares
Two 30” waistbands cut from jeans for straps
1 yd heavyweight fusible interfacing
Fabric marking pen
Rotary cutter and cutting mat
Basic sewing supplies
June Tailor® Basting Spray (optional)

Following the instructions included with the Charming Circles ruler, cut 27 denim circles and twenty-seven 5” fabric squares. Cut twenty-seven 5” squares from fusible interfacing. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, fuse the interfacing to the back side of the 5” fabric squares.

Using instructions for either the “Basting Spray Method” or the “Marking Method”, piece circles and squares together in seven rows of three for the front, bottom and back of tote. Then piece two strips of three circle / square units each for the sides of the tote.

“Shabby chic” finish the flaps of all circle edges where blocks have been seamed together, top stitching ¼” from raw circle edges. Leave all outside circle edges loose.

With denim circles, right sides together, line up the bottom circle of one side strip with an outer circle of row four of the front / bottom / back panel. Stitch together using fabric square edges or marked lines. Press flaps toward squares and stitch ¼” from raw circle edges.

Align the remainder of the side strip circles with the circles of the front / bottom / back panel. Stitch together, press and top-stitch ¼” from raw circle edges.

Repeat process for other side panel of tote.

Fold and press circle edges at top of tote and top stitch ¼” from raw circle edges.

To attach waistband straps, mark 1-3/4” from side seams on the interior of front and back sides of tote. Pin waistband straps inside the markings and 1” down from the top edge of the tote. Stitch to secure in place.

Machine was and machine dry to finish.