Fabric Cutting Kiosk

Express Kit Cutting – Yardage Cutting – Self Serve

Today’s busy quilt shops can always use an extra hand to cut fabrics. Whether it’s yardage, repetitive cutting for kits, or a customer self-serve option, June Tailor’s Fabric Cutting Kiosk is the extra hand you need.

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US Patent No. 8,755,933  •  9,367,983  •  9,707,328
Australian Patent No. 2013318297
Canadian Patent No. 2,884,751

Cut accurately in yards, inches, or meters.

Repetitive cut module cuts a 15-yard bolt into ½ yards in less than 4 minutes.

Cuts bolted fabric up to 60″ wide, from quilting cottons to fleece.

Reduces loss with exact
measuring and cutting.

Works with or without a POS system. Receipt prints fabric and length bar code.

Leasing options available.

Watch and Learn

Watch our video to see how the June Tailor® Fabric Cutting Kiosk can work for you.

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