Inspiration - Fashion Accessories

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Reversible Face Masks

Update your mask collection with some reversible masks! Use our Face Mask Ruler and watch our tutorial to see just how easily you can make your own stylish masks.

Accessorize Lunch
Charming Tote Bag

Personalize your Lunchbox even further with decorative trim. before finishing your lunchboxes constructions sew a ribbon, trim or even a thin strip of fabric down to accentuate the colors in your fabric.

Using June Tailor's Charming Circles Ruler, repurpose old jeans and 5" fabric squares to sew a shabby chic tote bag that's rugged and stylish. Click "PDF" for instructions.

Easy Fringe Scarf

Add fringe to a basic "ready-to-wear" fleece scarf using a rotary cutter and June Tailor's Wide Skip Cut Blade. Cut slots at edge of scarf and use a crochet hook to thread and knot lightweight strands of yarn.

Fringe Scarf.jpg