Instruction Sheets

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Shape Cut Ruler, JT-796
Quarter Cut Ruler, JT-794
Get Squared, 8-1/2-4-1/2, JT-743
You Hexie Thing
Shape Cut Plus Ruler, JT-797
Get Squared, 6-1/2-3-1/2, JT-707
Charming Circles Ruler, JT-1710
Perfect 1/2-Square & 1/4 Square
Triangle Blocks Ruler
Shape Cut Pro Ruler, JT-777
Get Squared, 12-1/2-6-1/2, JT-741
Twist 'n Stitch Ruler, JT-775
Diamond Cut Ruler
Easy Equals, Equilateral Triangle Ruler

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Quick Fuse Iron-On Fabric
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