The ideal universal press cloth to protect fabrics.


• 100% cotton.

• Prevents shine on fabrics.

• Use with steam or dry iron.

• For extra moisture, dampen with mist sprayer or sponge.

• Allows you to see as you press.

• Generous 14” x 24” size.

• Made in U.S.A.

JT-232, Eze-View Press Cloth

The perfect pressing sheet for appliqué and other projects that require the use of fusibles.

• Protect iron sole plate from residue when using fusible web with lace and other fabrics.
• Withstands the highest heat setting on your iron.
• Use with or without steam as a see-through press cloth.
• 18” x 18” size.

JT-235, Non-Stick Pressing Sheet

Pressing Cloths

June Tailor® offers several press cloths to achieve professional finished results for your projects. Different materials and sizes insure you have the right substrate to meet your needs.

Protect t-shirt surfaces during project construction.

• 100% cotton.
• Reduces potential for melting and distortion of t-shirt graphics. 
• Protects iron from fusible interfacing residue.
• Lets you see as you press. 

• 16" x 16" size, ideal for t-shirt quilt construction. 
• Made in U.S.A.

JT-234, T-Shirt Press Cloth