Quilt As You Go - Polyester Quilt Blocks

"Quilt As You Go" printed polyester batting has a fusible back side to secure backing fabric in place for sewing. Layer and fuse backing fabric with batting and sew by number. Quilting takes place as you piece the pattern, sewing through all layers. Then sew the blocks together for a finished quilt.

• Easy sew-by-number block construction.
• Block is automatically quilted as you sew. 
• Additional quilting can be added to each block before joining. 

• Includes six 12" finished blocks for a 24" x 36" quilt. Use more blocks for a larger size quilt.
• Available in four easy designs.
• Made in U.S.A.

JT-1403, Hopscotch Polyester Quilt Blocks

JT-1402, Fair & Square

Polyester Quilt Blocks

JT-1404, Rolling Stone

Polyester Quilt Blocks